Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Mousies!

Okay, I've been very bad about blogging my knitting. But if you've been trying to follow this blog (all 2 of you) you know that.

So I've made some mitts, and some socks, and I'll post pictures of them eventually.

But for right now, I just finished a couple of the pocket mice from Knitted Animals by Anne-Dorthe Grigaff.

Well, mostly from that book. I did modify them more than a little. Added whiskers, because mice need whiskers. And I used beads for eyes, not thread, because they're not going to small children, and mice need beady little eyes. And I added some yarn to be their front paws, because they needed stability. And the third one (on the bottom) I changed the knitting on the head, because I wanted it to be more centered. And I put in a couple sewing stitches in their shoulder blades, like the book says to do with the ducklings, to give them some shaping between the head and body.

But except for all that, they're the ones from the book!

They took less than 2 hours each to do. I think they're adorable. What do you guys think?


Shannon said...

Very, very cute! I did some "korknisse" - you can see them on must be the year for tiny knits! So much fun.

Abby Normal said...

These are the most adorable things and I wish I knew how to make one... alas I don't have the knitting skill at all!!