Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I knit a sock today!

A whole, entire sock. Beginning to end.

I cast on right after breakfast, and finished weaving in the last ends about 10 minutes before bedtime. (I'm staying up a bit late to write this, because I'm so chuffed.)

That's not all I did, either. I prepared and ate two meals, talked with my family, and did the chores I can do while still gimpy in one leg.

Nor was it a baby sock, or one that used really chunky yarn. It was a normal, full sized, adult hedgerow sock, with fingering yarn, and a tabi toe.

Now, understand, I knit almost entirely in isolation. So for all I know, this is the expected speed for continental knitting, and I'm doing the equivalent of standing up proudly and annoucing, "Look, everybody! I tied my shoes!"

If so, please indulge me. I've only been knitting for about 14 months, and this is significantly faster than I've ever finished a sock before.

It might have something to do with the needles.

When I learned to knit, the friend who taught me (and who occasionally knits with me, but who uses the English style, which I found slow enough that I taught myself Continental instead,) recommend that I buy Addi needles. So I've been knitting with Addi Turbo ever since I started.

A bit ago, I bought myself some Harmony interchangeable needles, but was so excited to get them that I didn't look at them carefully, and put two different sized needles on the cable, like a chump.

Which, umm... didn't work as well as you might think.

I was eager to try them again, but I was making socks, and the interchangeable needles aren't small enough.

So I used a gift certificate to KnitPicks that I got for Valentines, and ordered a set of Harmony Fixed Circulars in size 2, so I could make socks with them.

They cane today, about the time I was going to stop knitting and do some studying for a while instead; and I slipped the sock off the Addi and onto the Harmony. And then I knit, because they were so light, and beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing, and it was such fun to knit with them.

And kept on knitting. And, well, you know the rest.

I really, really like these needles.

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