Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rocky Raspberry Socks finished

The Rocky Road socks are done, in time for Valentine's Day (almost.)

This is what they look like, outside in the snow, because we still have plenty of that.

Rock Road Raspberry tabi socks.. with sandles.. in the snow

And inside, so you can see the tabi toes more easily.

Rock Road Raspberry tabi socks.. with sandles.. in the snow

This is actually a mix of two of the kits from Chameleon Colorworks "Sock of the Month" club.

I don't remember which month had the "Rocky Road" sock pattern, but this yarn came from the October sock. It was all lace and a black spider, so, since I wasn't going to knit that, and since I wanted to make a Valentine's present for Skyia, I used the truly beautiful yarn for these socks.

These photographs really doesn't do it justice; but it looks very valentine-y.

Once again, these needed to be Tabi socks, so I modified the pattern, using yet another Tabi Toe that I happened to have in a pattern here. Thing is, Skyia was at work when I got to the toe on the first sock, so I made it up anyway, and hoped. Turns out her toes are quite a bit longer than the pattern seemed to think they were going to be, and were crunched in the sock.

So I got to practice undoing Kitchner Stitch, tinking back to before the decreases, adding more yarn in, and knitting them back up with a few more rows before the decrease. For the grouped toes, and for the big toe. (She pretended the big toe was okay so I wouldn't have to do the extra work, until I got the second sock done with toes that actually fit. And then she admitted that it was really uncomfortable, and needed more rows.)

The pair is done now, though, and fits beautifully, so it all turned out!

I also have pictures of the socks I finished for Michael at the end of January. Sorry they are so late. (I'm not sure I even blogged about getting them done. It's been that kind of month.) Tabi toes, of course. I'm not sure I'll ever get to do a simple, plain toe again! Even I want the Tabi toes, and I'm going to try yet another version of them in the socks I started today, for me. But that's fodder for another post. :D

This was also a Chameleon Colorworks Sock Club sock; the September one. I changed the cuff and the toes, but had quite a lot of fun doing the "after thought" heel. It was a bit scary putting the needles back in, pulling out the provisional yarn, and hoping that I'd caught all the stitches. But it turned out it wasn't any more difficult than picking up stitches to do the gusset on a "regular" sock.

And having a different color for the heels and toes is worth not being able to try the sock on while it's being made (as long as you've measured things like toe length ahead of time. :D )

So, here they are on a very sunny day, with Michael's feet in them.

Michael's feet, in the socks

And here they are without his feet, so you can see the stitches and things a bit better. This toe was from the tabi socks in Not Just More Socks by Sandi Rosner, by the way.

Harvest Basket tabi socks, unworn

And here is a picture of the Swirling Gauntlets that I made for my friend in CA. (She says that she's going to send me photos of her hands in them, so when she does that, I'll post them here.)

Swirling Gauntlet mitts

As you can see, I damaged them a bit around the thumb when I was trying to stretch them out. But she has very politely said that it doesn't matter. Of course, that was before she actually saw them...

So, today I started another pair of socks, for me, because I had a dentist's appointment, and I was fairly nervous and wanted something that would take my mind off the waiting. As it turns out, she just looked and scheduled me for a "core and crown" next week. So I'm not hurting now; but I will be. :D

And that's all for now. Pictures when I get them! Bye!

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