Monday, April 28, 2008

Toe Jazz Socks - Work in Progress

My partner likes to wear sandals in all seasons. When it's cold, she wears tabi socks with them. (Japanese socks, with one place for your big toe, and one for all the others. Kind of like mittens for your feet.)

Since I'm knitting socks now, I decided to make her a pair of tabi. I found a pattern, called Toe Jazz, by Joanne Clark, published by Fiber Trends, at one of my Local Yarn Stores (Old Village Yarn Shop) and a bit over a week ago, I started to knit it up.

The socks, one week ago.

This is where I was a week ago. The cuff and leg done, the heel turned, moving right along.

But then, I got involved with work all week, and barely had any time to knit. So it didn't get much farther until today.

I finished the first sock this evening. I didn't photograph it, but I did finish it.

It fits my partner perfectly, and she really likes it. So do I.

I used Alpaca Sox to make it; a blend of Alpaca, Merino wool, and nylon (so the socks will stay up.) It's really really soft and lovely, not splitty at all, and the colors aren't pooling.

You can also see my hand-wound, center-pull "cake" of yarn in the background. Winding that convinced me that I really do need to get a yarn winder and a swift, even though my partner was kind enough to hold the yarn, and act as a swift for me. They are expensive, but I think they might be worth it, if I'm going to be doing much of this.

And it looks like I am. My partner really likes the sock. I showed her what it looked like, dangling from the needles by its toe, just before I took it off. She came right over, and sat and waited while I wove the ends in, then immediately put it on. She wants the other one now. (In fact, while I was writing that sentence, she came by, and asked if the other one was done yet.)

So yeah, I think she likes them. :D

I'd think I better go cast on now. :D

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