Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mitts for Michael; part one

The great thing about being this new at a skill is that it's almost impossible to do anything and not learn a Valuable Lesson. Even when it's one that any sensible person wouldn't have to learn in the first place.

For instance; did you guys know that mitts that are sized for a "Women's Medium" hand will not fit a slightly-over-six-feet-tall man? I mean, who would have been able to guess that, right?

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Remember the other day, when I said that the next thing I made I was going to make for myself, as a practice piece? Well, when Michael heard that, he pouted. Seems that his hands are really cold when he's working in the office, and he doesn't care about the quality of the knitting. He just wants something to keep his hands warm.

So, of course, I gave in and looked for a pattern for him. He didn't want cables. He just wanted plain old mitts. In gray. Nothing fancy.

I actually got him the gray merino a couple of weeks ago, when he first asked for these mitts. So I looked for a pattern that specified that wool, because I've learned from the last mitts. And I found one on Ravelry for "Plain Ole' Fingerless Mitts." Which would seem to be exactly what was needed.

So I very carefully made a gauge swatch, like a Good Kid, and it was spot on, which pleased me. (Yay) And then I cast on and started to make a mitt.

Which very quickly started to look like a mitt for a child. A fairly small child.

I showed it to Michael, and he was able to force his hand into it, and said that it was going to be snug, but snug is good.

So, since I apparently hadn't learned the lesson about not listening to my family when they say, "No, it's fine! I like it like that" I kept going.

I got past the thumb gusset, and almost to the top, and it wasn't looking any more like it was going to fit anyone who wasn't about ten or so. Tops.

So I tried again to show it to Michael, and this time when he forced his hand into it, and said, "I'll be able to wear it." I said, "No. It's way too small." And he admitted that it was just a little tight. (You could see every stitch spread out in all its glory, as if it was lace or something. Just a tad tight.)

So I let Skyia frog it, which she really enjoyed, measured Michael's hand, and made the Custom Fit Fingerless Mitts instead. Which required an extra 12 stitches to be cast on and, oddly enough, fit perfectly. :D

The first one is done. Michael asked me not to make the thumb stitches, so I just bound off the top of the thumb gusset. He thinks that the extra length there would just have annoyed him, and they're his mitts. :D

I'll make the other one tomorrow. Will it be the same size? Tune in tomorrow night, or possibly the next day, and find out!

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