Monday, March 24, 2008

Learning to Knit

About four weeks ago, a good friend of mine was visiting, and while we chatted, she was knitting (as usual.)

I've been sick a lot in the last few months (lingering bronchitis, nothing serious) and haven't felt much like working. But it would be nice to be doing something, since I'm really not good at sitting around.

So I asked her to teach me to knit, too.

She loaned me a pair of needles, gave me a skein of Sugar and Cream cotton, and showed me how to cast on, how to knit, and how to perl. And how to unknit (which I've been using a lot.)

Then she went home, and I practiced.

It wasn't long before I got bored with stockinette, so I looked up some stitch patterns on the web, and practiced them.

By the next time she visited, a week later, I'd knitted the skein, and made a sampler. And because I'd been in the middle of a pattern when the skein ran out, I knitted that pattern on some cheap acrylic yarn I'd gotten.

She took me to the local yarn shop, and I got some good needles, some really beautiful yarn, and an idea of how much money you can spend on yarn and needles!

She also got me to sign up for Ravelry.

Another three weeks have passed, and I've made myself a pair of mitts (because it's still really cold, here in Michigan) without a pattern (because I couldn't read them yet. They're in code.) and experimented with knitting lace and cables.

These are the mitts.

The fingerless mitt, which is bright blue, green, and yellow, on my hand.

And this is the lace.

Lace, with the first repeat in Garter Stitch, because I didn't know you had to purl the even rows when translating from a pattern 'in the round'.

This is the first cable I did.

White cable, very plain, and fairly wide.

And this is the second.

Double cable, with extra twists and things. Much more complex than the first.

The mitts I wanted to make for my partner use an XO cable, so I practiced that one.

A sample of XO cable

Today I plan to start my first "real" project; a pair of mitts for my partner.

I'll keep you posted!

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